August 29th, 2012


Green Room - Week 39 - Day 2

What you are going to be doing today: Reading the final entries and deciding who you want to win this season of LJ IDOL:

What I am going to be doing today: Taking advantage of the free tickets to go to a taping of the Daily Show with John Stewart. Herman Cain is the guest!

Yeah, I know, you have the better end of the bargain!

While I have you hear, I did put out a general "question for the community":
I know that it's probably only reaching a small percentage of the greater population, and different people are going to have different ideas. But I just want to hear them so that I can process options and decide what works best for what I want to do in the interim and going into next season! I don't usually do things this way but I think it's a big enough decision, that may impact a lot of other things, so I figured that I would throw it out there! So please take a moment to think about it, and get back to me!

It's the next to last day of the LJ Idol Season 8... so, how are you doing?