August 27th, 2012


Green Room - Week 38 - Day 6

It’s funny to think about the fact that if it wasn’t for the RNC being here, Tropical Storm Isaac probably wouldn’t have worried a lot of people. After all, its still not organized into an actual hurricane. So people would have been watching it, but not with anything near the intensity as they are now.

I was listening to a nationally based radio show this morning where they were talking about the effects of the storm on the convention, and the reporter in Tampa was talking about the “downpour outside”.

Meanwhile, I was sitting in a parking lot at the bus depot *in downtown Tampa only a couple blocks from the place where most of the convention is taking place* and it was barely sprinkling. Maybe closer to “misting”.

There’s still time for it to have an impact. It hasn’t gone by yet, and even if it does go by instead of turning, it could very well gain strength, becoming an actual hurricane (even if it’s just a 1 or a 2) and cause someone some problems. But it’s always amazing when the rest of the country starts paying attention to what we call “Late Summer/Early Fall” and how we react to it!


Today is the last day to decide who will be in the final, and who wins the Idol Bronze!

Like a gender/ableist issue exploding in on online convention/fan community, LJ Idol is the gift the keeps on giving!

Idol8 wheel

Results - Week 38

The semi-finals of LJ IDOL Season 8 are in the books, now there are only two things left to do - to say goodbye and to decide this thing once and for all.

Goodbyes at this point have gone past the painful, and into the awkward, since there isn’t much time left for them to be “gone”! :)

Nevertheless though, you look at their journey, from the moment they started the season, to this one, and you just have to sit back and reflect on how they got to this point.

pixiebelle may have been eliminated, but she is still “with us”. Hers is an incredible story of coming out of nowhere, seemingly without any confidence or belief in her own abilities, other than a vague sense of “I can do this!” and over the course of several seasons becoming a success story. I’m not just talking about her runs in Idol. I’m talking about who she is as a person. It’s about time that she has realized what a remarkable person she is, and IMO, she hasn’t even cracked the tip of that particular iceberg.

Her writing has grown better and better every season. She is definitely someone that I hope to have my eye on her growth well beyond the end of Season 9. Because if she keeps getting better at this rate, she will be a force to reckon with. (and she’s already pretty darn good!!)

Thank you Kristen, for an amazing run, filled to the brim with great stories as well as some great “reality moments”, and for the love that you have for Idol.

I won’t even mock Kevin in this post. That is how impressive you were! :D

Goodbye, and congratulations for finishing THIRD. Considering how close you are to your 100 Weeks (I’m going to have to check this, but you MAY have reached it the fastest...if not, you’re really, really close that mark!) I really hope that we will see you when the curtain goes up next season!!

Idol8 wheel

Topic - Week 39

And then there were two.

We’ve gone a long way, now officially the longest duration that any Idol contestant has ever faced. We’ve overcome a lot. Laughed. Cried. Grown. And most importantly, people wrote their ass off!

Now there is just one more hurdle.

Oddly enough, both of these women were chosen by several Gatekeepers (during the first round, months ago) as someone they expected to see in the finals.

Now, it’s here.

And anyone who follows Idol knows what that means. It’s the easiest, and the trickest topic of them all. Because you are not only making the case for yourself, more importantly, you are making the case for your opponent!

Why I Should Win LJ Idol/Why My Opponent Should Win

One entry. One last shot to plead your case, and make the case for someone that you have made this incredible trip with... make it good!

You have until Tomorrow, Tuesday, August 28th at 9pm EDT to link your entry back to this spot.

Congratulations to you both. Now get to writing!

Have fun!