August 1st, 2012


Green Room - Week 36 - Day 6

You suck.

No, really, you do.

I know that it’s true, because I’ve read it from a reliable source: You!

I understand humility. I appreciate and value it. I do think that the person who ends up winning should have the ability to be humble. There’s nothing attractive about arrogance.

Confidence? Sure. Arrogance? No.

But there’s nothing attractive about self-deprecation either.

It’s insulting to the over 300 contestants you have fallen before you, many of them who would love to have a spot in the Top 7!

That also goes for anyone who would try to make someone feel bad about themselves because they made it to this point, and someone else didn’t.

Guess what? You can talk all you want – the bottom line is (insert name here) didn’t make it here and (insert other name here) did. That’s something to be celebrated.

I actually haven’t, personally, heard any of the latter example. Which is why there are still people breathing. Because if I did I would be shoving my foot so far up their deluded mouths that it would come out the end that things like that deserve to be coming out of…

But the former? The self-deprecation? I’ve been hearing far too much, from far too many corners.

I’ve also seen a few “well-meaning” folks encouraging it, and even trying to get people to knock themselves out of the running “for their own good”. I understand, it’s difficult to see someone else succeed. But that doesn’t mean you need to set them up to fail.

There’s a difference between setting realistic expectations and the ability to simply visualize something good happening.

I’m not saying that anyone should get focused on being THE WINNER. There are still six more contestants to get through after all! ;) And all of them are potentially worthy of that spot.
There is also a lot more to write:
(and work out: and when you are done with that, there’s always plenty of Home Game to go around:

If you do too much of that, you’re setting yourself up for a fall when you don’t achieve it. Because, there is a good chance that you won’t.

I’m simply saying, believe in yourself and that you could potentially win. Believe in each other – that they could potentially win.
If you do that, regardless of the vote totals- you have already won.