June 18th, 2012

Idol8 wheel

Voting - Week 30

Sitting in the Panera, next to the AA Bible Study Group meeting, I was wondering if everyone was going to make it across the finish line this week.

Maybe it was the prayer circle, or the adherence to the structure of their study guide, or how close their discussion of putting yourself into the hands of a higher power who will bend you to their will - and how closely that matches the conversations of Idol contestants... but I think everyone did pretty damn well!

There were two who decided to be smelly hippies and drop. ;)

They know who they are, but in case they are looking for their names - goodbye to lawchicky and rattsu! It’s actually sad to see you go, I was looking forward to torturing you for awhile longer!!

As for the remaining contestants, jacq22 only finished 5 of the 6 entries, due to her surgery. Considering the timing of the announcement, and the surgery, it fell into that pocket of “No Man’s Land” where I’m honestly not sure if she even saw it posted. So, I’m going to show some mercy, and give her a *shot* at sticking around...

Because voting is going to work a little differently this week. Which, you kind of expected that, now didn’t you?

There are 6 entries from each contestant.

This is a Season contestant only voting round. Which means IF YOU SIGNED UP AND COMPETED DURING THIS SEASON OF LJ IDOL, YOU ARE ELIGIBLE TO VOTE!!!

(Just make sure to identify yourself)

Send an email to clauderainsrm@gmail.com with your 5 FAVORITE ENTRIES FROM EACH TOPIC! http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/574285.html

We will be losing the 6 contestants with the lowest overall selections/scores.

The deadline for people to send me their votes is Thursday, June 21st at 7pm EDT - so, if you haven’t started yet, GET READING!!!

Good luck to everyone!