May 31st, 2012


Green Room - Week 29 - Day 3

The deadline is tonight at 7pm EDT. Note the earlier time! So make sure that you (and/or your favorites) have finished their entries, unlocked them (so people can actually read) and posted to the thread BEFORE you go off and comment about the JCPenney Father’s Day ad campaign!

I’m sure you have something to say (other than “It’s better to burn out, than fade away”) about it. Mostly because you people have something to say about pretty much everything!

And when I say “You People”, I mean “You Damn Hippie Foreigners Who are Attempting to Ruin the Lives of Good, Honest ‘Mericans!”. So, it’s not intended to be offensive in the least. : ) I’m merely identifying you by name and classification! :D
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Vote - Week 29

A few words from clauderainsrm:

It’s been a strange week. So, of course, that was going to continue to the poll itself.
This week features two announced sacrifices. Which, sort of takes the fun out of it! Why would you tell people they would be safe? Especially since so many people guessed that the tribes would be broken up along topic lines!

Which, they totally were.

Fortunately, both sacrifices are coming from the same tribe. The Disappear group. So it really only saves one person!

My instinct would be to go for the throat of the biggest group. But since they are already losing two members, I decided not to do that.

Instead, since they will not be feeling the pressure of “will I be leaving this week?”, I’m throwing out an additional duty on them. Each member of that tribe, needs to send me ( their top two entries, from someone NOT in their group by Monday,June 4th at 8pm EDT. The person who receives the most votes, will receive an immunity good for until the Top 25!

In addition, the person with the most votes in that tribe, will receive a bye that must be given away, also good to the Top 25. Sure, it doesn’t directly benefit them, but they can be someone else’s hero! Which never hurts!

Obviously, the two sacrifcing are not eligible to win the bye.

For the other tribes, they will be losing the person who wrote the entry with the fewest votes. Which means, ultimately, we will be losing five contestants this week.

In the past, contestants usually managed to split themselves up fairly evenly. This time, that wasn’t the case. Which should certainly make for some interesting results!

So make sure you get out there and read everything, and comment to them, and support your favorites!

The polls close Monday, June 4th at 9pm EDT.

Good luck to everyone!

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