May 29th, 2012


Green Room - Week 29 - Day 1

I take a couple days off from LJ and suddenly there is a ranking system!
What does it mean? I don’t know. Is 360 place in community rankings good or bad? I have no idea.
237 Social capital? Do we want more or less? I’m not sure.

How do you “improve”? Beat me. But I want to. So, figure out how to get us higher, or lower – whichever is better, on those charts!!
That is your mission!

Why? Because now it’s out there and we need to win! :P

I’m not even sure what “winning” entails, just that social ranking implies that we need to do it!!! ;)

The new topics went up last night

Causing a Work Room to generate:

And a Home Game thread. (well, I haven’t posted it yet, but I will in a couple of minutes). You didn’t get to 10 last time, but it was close enough for me to give it another try… especially with 4 different topics to choose from, I have every faith that the thread will be used this week.)

So, between that and figuring out how to improve Idol’s social standing, I guess you have your hands full today!! :D