May 25th, 2012


Green Room - Memorial Day Weekend - Day 1

Removing all superstition from the mix, and relying only on good, hard science – I have no choice but to come to the conclusion that your votes angered the Gods, who did not want such a result to ever be posted.

So, ten minutes before the vote would have been final, they lashed out with a storm that knocked out my internet, and by appears to have fried by router (it’s no longer receiving or sending information, they couldn’t remote in last night in order to fix it. That will require someone coming out in person. On a holiday weekend.)

There are a few questions that I know you want to know:

(1) “How many people were going to be eliminated.” 7. Only because I set the cap at 8. Otherwise there could have been 9, maybe 10, depending on where I set the hypothetical maximum.
(2) “Was I one of them?” Yes. Yes, you were. ;) OK, that really depends on who is asking me. If you want to know, I’ll tell you in private.
(3) “Were any of those 7 people you, Gary, had on your “Yes” list?” 4 of them were. On the other hand, the rest of my “yes” list looks like what would have been the “top” of the poll. So, go figure… you people have *some* taste, I guess… :P
(4) “Can we find out where we would have ranked, in your usual vague terms?” Yes.
(5) “Can we find out where we would have ranked in Gary Only voting?” Yes. But be warned, you may not like the answer and if I start getting the endless follow up “BUT WHY????” I’m going to shut it down. Unless of course YOU are going to be cross examined for everything YOU didn’t vote for this week and every other week. I have a list. :D
(6) “Are you feeling cranky this morning, Gary?” Yes. Very much so. I’m sorry for lashing out like that. But it’s been a bad 12 hours or so.
(7) “When is the new topic being posted?” The appointment to get my internet back up is on Monday. I figure this is a sign from the Idol Gods that you are supposed to go out and enjoy your Memorial Day weekend with friends and family. The new topic will be posted late Monday.
(8) “That really sucks”. That’s not a question. But I do agree. I’d much rather be eliminating you people. ;)
(9) “Why does George Martin like saying “Number 9”? He just does.
(10) A special “Thank You”/kick to the hippie goes to spydielives who was able to post a message to you guys. I would have done it myself, if I could have. But I figured hearing about it through channels was far better than leaving you refreshing all night and getting frustrated!