May 19th, 2012


Green Room - Weekend Edition - Week 28

They said it would never happen.

They claimed that it couldn't.

But, no.

It happened. It's REAL.

You don't even know the full impact of what it is, but it is something that will continue to haunt your existence until your dying days.

It's the Weekend Edition of Green Room for Week 28! It's here. It's NOW.

It's the biggest happening since that last big thing that happened. You know the one. It's easily that big. Maybe bigger.

It's the place you can go if you want to know that the topic post is located at
It's the place to go to find the Work Room:
It is also the place to discover where the Home Game thread is!

Because that's the shit that is going down, RIGHT NOW!


What's going on in your neck of the woods?