May 16th, 2012


Green Room - Week 27 - Day 6

This is the morning of the last day of your life.

Just ask that guy with the butcher knife, standing just behind you, in the shadows. He knows.

But in case you somehow dodge and outrun him – there is still a poll to deal with:

And it’s the last day for that as well.


It’s weird, knowing that there isn’t an episode of Survivor tonight! It’s even more strange knowing that we started this when South Pacific was still fairly new, and went through One World!

Will we be here to start the Philippines? ;) (No. Even though it’s the first group of “returning players” who I am actively excited to see. Those three are going to be a lot of fun!)

What do you have planned for your evening – other than poll watching? (and congratulating pixiebelle on her new job/wishing people happy birthday - not sure who, but I'm sure there is someone)
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Results - Week 27


Now THAT was a finish!

If you knew how close things actually were to, well, things exploding, you would have been on the edge of your seat too! ;)

As is though, that didn’t happen. But it was certainly exciting on the bottom, on top and really all the way through “the middle” of the pack!!

In the end though, we are saying goodbye to two contestants.

One of them we knew who it was going to be from the start - she announced her sacrifice as an entry.

The other, if you asked me early this morning, I would have said we were losing her. If you asked me 15 minutes before the poll closed, I would have said, “I have no f-ing idea!” There was quite a bit of well deserved love thrown in that direction.

Being that this is Week 27, I think it’s fair to say that both of them deserve every bit of pride in themselves for making it this far.

Goodbye to our sacrifice - michikatinski
and to whirlgig

I don’t think that I need to tell you this, but I hope you hang around and Home Game (and that’s not just because I want more people so I can keep posting those links. :p)

Thank you for helping to make this season special.
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Topic - Week 28

It is Week 28!

Time to really get out there and stop

Walking on Egg Shells

Unless of course that’s the topic. Which, it is.

So, I don’t know what to tell you, other than your deadline to link your entry back to this thread is Monday, May 21st at 8pm EDT and to bring your A-game! (Which, if you’re not, at this point, I don’t know what to think!!)

Work Room - Week 28

The topic has been posted,
so now it’s time to get to work again!

I gave you an extra day (well, the end of Survivor did. But I’ll take credit for it) so you have a little extra time to hone your entries into what you want them to be.

I’m still seeing some formatting issues - really small type that makes it difficult to read, formatting that just goes wonky, people forgetting to unlock their posts so people can read them. You know, little things that could end up costing. We are so deep in this now that anything like that could very well end your run.

Which would be a shame because I happen to think you are the strongest Top 40 to date. I’m hoping that you will be the strongest Top 30...20... and so on! :)

There is still a way to go, but the end is within sight for those with a telescope handy! ;)