May 15th, 2012


Green Room - Week 27 - Day 5

There is a poll going on - with a shortened deadline. So anyone waiting around until Thursday to vote – you may have to settle for making your preferences known on what kind of cookie is the best. (Hint – it’s either peanut butter or cardamom)

I’ll admit, this morning has been a little weird and I wasn’t sure what to say (not that it ever stops me!) so instead of the usual banter, I’ll answer two of the common questions that I’ve been seeing in previous Green Rooms:

(1) How much longer is the season going to last?/ there must be something evil coming up?
(2) Where is the Home Game thread?

The second answer first – because that is how I roll: The last two times it’s appeared, I’ve made a comment that if people wanted to see it, they had better use it. There ended up being 5 entries in each of them. Tracing that stat back – there hasn’t been an “over 10 person” Home Game thread so far this season.
As much as I love people playing the Home Game, and I truly do – that’s not even for warrant its own thread.
If you want to show that it does in fact deserve a thread, people need to show me that the interest is there from at least 10 people, hopefully more.
Even when it was showing up every week, there still wasn’t much interest. Has the time for a Home Game to have a thread passed? Is it a season anomaly? I don’t know. I may try it again at some point this season, but not right now – unless there is a favorable response.

The answer to the first question is a little more complicated, because it’s really two questions in one! ;) You sneaky bastards!!

When I announced that next season would be the last, I said that it meant that I could no longer promise that Season 6 would be the longest – because there were now other factors in play. That’s the problem with the “hurry up” crowd, unless they really want Idol to be over forever (and I’m sure there are some who do) when you want mass eliminations – that’s what you are rooting for… I know that’s not what people MEAN when they make comments, but it’s definitely a factor I to be considered. That said, yes, there is evil between now and then. Lots and lots of evil. : )

Evil that is coming for you specifically. Hope you can sleep with your eyes open, because you are going to need to do it if you hope to get out in one piece! *cue sinister music*