May 14th, 2012


Green Room - Week 27 - Day 4

Good morning Idol.

One bit of housekeeping: I moved the deadline: back one hour until 9pm EDT. Why? To mess with you. Or maybe because I didn't get to take my Mom out last night, and tonight was when she was free. But mostly to mess with your heads! ;)

How was your weekend?

Mine featured the funeral for my girlfriend's co-worker. Which was both awkward and inspiring.

The awkward parts were because I had never met her, so it felt kind of weird being surrounded by people who obviously knew her quite well. There were also only a couple people from work, so this was family and close friends... so I was the odd person out in a group that was the odd group out!
It was also weird how the minister kept talking about how it would only be a "brief season" of mourning. I know, it's supposed to give people light, that it's not going to be bad forever... but the way he kept repeating it struck me as "Um, it's OK if someone deals with mourning and grief in their own way, and on their own time table. You don't need to be dictating it to them".

The inspiring part was when her best friend unexpectedly got up to speak. Apparently, the family didn't know it was going to happen. She talked about the real person that she lost - the good points, the bad, and how it all worked into someone that was such an essential part of her life. I think that's something for people to aspire to become, to have someone else feel that way about us.

Obviously, my own funeral will be attended by mass celebrations - which will detonate the explosives I have placed around the planet, plunging whatever is left of the world into a new Dark Age, and taking most of the populace with me! :D
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Vote - Week 27

A few words from clauderainsrm:

We have reached Week 27.

*pause for effect*

You know what THAT means!!!

*pause for more effect*


Drat. I was hoping you would tell me!

It is a sad week, right from the start, because just as we are saying hello to xo_kizzy_xo who was brought back into the game - we are saying goodbye to xreesex, who missed the deadline and has been eliminated.

Apparently, there is some “There can only be one X in the competition” deal, and things needed to be righted! ;)

Hopefully, she is OK. I know her presence will most definitely be missed.

As for “Those Who Remain”, they continue to do battle through words and entries - with their wits going to bat for the topic “Once Upon a Time”.

It’s time to see who will be awakened by the handsome dragon and who will be consumed by ravenous dwarves while they slumber!

The two contestants with the entries receiving the fewest votes, will be eliminated.

The poll closes Wednesday, May 16th at 9pm EDT So get to reading!

Good luck to everyone!

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