May 11th, 2012


Green Room - Week 27 - Day 1

It’s the start of Week 27 in the internet version of the Trail of Tears or Bataan Death March!

Which may sound like an horrible and inappropriate comparison, until you start hearing people talk about how long “27 Weeks seems to them”! ;)

Then it would sound like an understatement! The best thing about it though is that it’s voluntary! Which just makes it extra cruel and twisted! People actually sign up for the treatment!! :D

What I find interesting about this current field – well, one of the many things that I find interesting at least – is how people match up. Once in awhile, someone will break out of the top of the pack. But then they will eventually fade back into the middle as someone else surges ahead.

Some of that is buoyed by the two Topsy Turvys that are out there. But you saw it even before they were.

This is working into a season where I can look at the field and not be entirely sure who is going to have what it takes to the prize this season! Which is exciting!

In case you missed it, the results from last week came out last night, and we said goodbye to an old, and new, friend:
There is a new topic:
And of course, a new Work Room: