May 7th, 2012


Green Room - Week 26 - Day 4

There are days when you can just rattle off the first bit of nonsense that comes to mind, and then there are days like these.

I’d trade days like these for nonsense days in a heartbeat. But then again, that’s part of the problem.

Long ago, in what seems like a completely different era, I had an assistant who routinely scolded me for not being hard enough on Idol contestants. She told me that I was naïve – that I couldn’t act like they were friends or that they would act like responsible adults.

In what seems like not that long ago, I’ve had other people scold me for treating problems between contestants as just that – problems between contestants, things that reasonable adults, responsible human beings could solve without needing some Big Brother to step in and treat them like children.

After all, we HAVE children who participate in Idol, and granted they were under the supervision of their parent(s) who monitored what they saw and interacted with, but they also behaved themselves well beyond their years.

So, the people getting worked up about being me “too nice” (their words) aside – it’s not unreasonable for the default to be “people are going to behave like adults”, until that is proved differently.

Unfortunately though, that means when it’s proven to not be the case, it’s usually at the level of being an actual problem.

In this specific case, although I was monitoring the votes that ended up mattering to an elimination (the people going/those who were close), I didn’t take the extra time to examine every single account to make sure no one had fallen into the trap of being an asshat about it.

I’m sure most people know what I’m talking about by now – but if you don’t, we did have a situation, and a voluntary withdrawal from the game over misuse of an alternate account for voting purposes.

The hell of it is, because you can’t verify if “Aunt Sue’s” account really IS your aunt, usually I can look into it a bit, and if it looks suspicious, and let it go with a warning that I don’t want to see it happen again.

The people who end up banned have all been doing it with multiple accounts and shown a disregard/almost joy over the idea that they were “getting one over”.

So, in this case, it’s less of the offense, and more of the cover-up. Which is often enough the case in such things.

ellakite has posted about his reasons for leaving on his own LJ, so I won’t go into it any further than I actually have – BUT I will say, if you are doing this as well, and I just haven’t caught up with you yet, you are on notice.

I understand that stress and self-esteem issues make you do all kinds of stupid things. But when that early assistant would point out those things – I would point to the fact that ultimately, you are playing for a title and an icon. The real prize is knowing that you can endure everything to make it to the end, and what you do with that knowledge in the rest of your life.

There is literally no reason to do it. But much like the contestant who claimed that Idol “ruined her life” because of how hard she was pushing herself (not just in Idol but in everything else) there is no accounting for the decisions people make that seem to defy logic.

I may actually BE as naïve as she thought I was. I may not be the hands-on out of control egotist that some people think you have to be to run a successful community. But despite this, I still believe that if you treat people as adults, they are going to act like adults more times than they don’t.


The topic is due today:
The work room is open for those who still need a little extra help to get it done:
And there is a Home Game for those wishing to participate:

Most of all, there is hope that people will learn the right lesson from this – that there is nothing to gain and so much to lose and not even consider going down that path.
Idol8 wheel

Voting - Week 26

A few words from clauderainsrm:

Season 8 roars toward a close...well, maybe not “roars”. More like “explodes” in all directions... at least that’s how it seems some days.

I see some people literally pulling themselves from bed rest to get to the computer, and I see others have Real Life tear them apart to the point that they can’t even get there.

On top of everything else this week has to offer, both barrelofrain and xo_kizzy_xo have missed the deadline and have been eliminated! I don’t have to even guess what the reaction to this is going to be - I know they both have a lot of fans who are going to be upset to see them go. Me too! Hopefully, they can make it out to the Home Game... or, last time I checked, there was a “Back into the Game” token floating around out there that was only good until the Top 40... which is now coming this round!

This is certainly an interesting season. Fortunately, that just means the spotlight is even more powerful on the talent that remains! And I don’t think anyone would disagree that it’s a tremendous amount of talent!

We will be losing two of those talented people this week. So make sure to get out there and support your favorites! Read. Comment and VOTE to keep your favorite contestants in the running!

Note: If you run into any LJ hijinks let me know. But for the most part, the most useful tip I can give you is if you go back in to add/edit votes you need to recheck all of your selections again. It can be annoying. But it’s worth it!

The poll will close Thursday, May 10th at 9pm EDT Good luck to everyone!

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