May 2nd, 2012


Green Room - Week 25 - Day 6

This post is about you.

Completely and utterly about you.

Because that’s how it “should” be, right?

Not that you would ever ask for it, or imply that you deserved people talking about you. It’s less about that, and more that they shouldn’t be talking about anyone else! ;)


There was an article yesterday on Yahoo news about some kid who was approaching 13 years of perfect attendance in school. Which – OK. Good for them if that is something that they value. Especially given that it was apparently in an area with a high rate of truancy. So, nice human interest story.

You always hear that people should be concentrating on GOOD news after all. So, here’s a bit of good news.

Granted, it was on yahoo – and yahoo commenters are notoriously awful people/trolls getting their LOLs by pretending to be awful people (and where is that particular line anyway? But I digress…)

But one of the very first comments was something along the lines of “My friend did the same thing – where is his Yahoo article?”

It wasn’t even the usual yahoo brand of turning things nasty – there was just this entitlement that came in, instead of “well, good for her”, there was an instant “I know someone who did this too - and they were never praised by Yahoo!” There were people who jumped on from there – the basics being that if they (or their friends) weren’t being praised, that no one should be.

It’s nothing new. You see it all the time – From I’m not praising myself, so no one should to “I made this sacrifice – so everyone should make it”.

It’s an interest attempt of influencing group think, trying to use guilt to make people not feel good about themselves – because the person talking doesn’t think much of themselves when push comes to shove… OR they do, they just don’t think that anyone else is really as good as they are! ;)

What’s even more of a WTF, is when it actually WORKS! (using a Survivor: One World example is Christina starting to repeat that she is, indeed, a cockroach!!)

Maybe there are just some people who don’t like to see other people feeling good about themselves. Just like there are people who enjoy taking public stands against stuff they end up doing anyway. (My favorite example is the person I know who railed against adultery and Clinton and how awful he was as a human being, and then posted of picture of herself with her arm around Newt Gingrich at an event!)

People are interesting, interesting creatures – and a good number of them don’t want to see you build yourself up. You should be using your energy to build them up instead!! ;)

So, this post is for you! Use it to build yourself up by saying “I don’t do that!!!” or wonder if you do… or pretend that you don’t read every single word before revealing elsewhere that you do! Or build a spaceship to take these words to your alien masters, who are coming to destroy all of humanity by the end of the year. Oh yes, I know about YOU and your “secret” plans !!

I know what this poll means to those plans – so you had better make sure you survive it!!