April 27th, 2012


Green Room - Week 25 - Day 1

Last night was fairly busy.

We had results: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/561560.html
New Topics: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/561685.html
And a Work Room http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/561985.html filled with people trying to snag a partner for the new round of Intersections and a Top 50 icon, for those who made it, and want one: http://ljidol.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/lji.s8.50.icon_.gif

Make sure to let people know if you are still on the market! There is no use in waiting until the last possible moment and hoping for the best!

It’s probably not going to be a surprise, but the drops over the last couple of weeks have been fairly disturbing to me. We have hit the TOP 50. I know real life has a way of getting in people’s way, but I’ve seen just as many people hit a bad week or two, over the course of 8 seasons, make the decision that they need to drop, and end up regretting it a week later, when things straighten themselves out.

After all, the “well, there’s always next season” only has one more shot to work out for you! I fully expect people, next time around, to be dragging themselves half-dead to the finish line! After all, it’s Idol> Everything else in life. Or at least, it should be! Right? Right!! ;)

Sometimes, life gets in the way. When that happens though – it’s especially rough on the people who ended up going just before you did. So, if you are at the end of the poll and you know “I’m going to have to drop next week”, you should sacrifice during that poll and let people who want to survive another day have that one more shot! Unless you just don’t want to do it. I’m not in your heads, controlling your every thought…. Or am I???


There were two more things that popped up on the radar, courtesy questions people have asked me over the last week:
What is my opinion of all the anonymous posts?
I assume we are talking about the act of anonymous posts themselves and not the content of them. Because, obviously, some anonymous posts have content that are better than others.
I’m not a fan of anonymous posts in general. It’s rare when they are anything other than an excuse for cowardice, for not just coming out and saying what you want to say. But suddenly, when you have no accountability, you feel like you can speak up and say it. If you can’t say it to someone’s face – you probably shouldn’t be saying it all. Especially since it’s usually easy to tell who is who, given that personal styles of writing tend to shine through. ;)

That’s why I can say that I hate you all and that you are a bunch of smelly hippies in need of a good kicking! :P You would know that was me even if I didn’t sign my name to it!

Obviously, anonymous has its place – but that place is as far from Idol as possible. That said, people are going to do whatever they want to do in their own spaces and with their own time. But the more I see of this sort of stuff, associated with Idol, the less I want to put out in ACTUAL Idol content. So, people can sit around and discuss Idol anonymously, with not much actually happening to talk about, or they can actually interact IN Idol and talk about the Idol stuff that is actually happening.

Alts – are there still any left in the game?
This is kind of a subset of something that actually came out of an anonymous question in one of those threads. Which sparked an interest in people to ask me if there was still anyone with more than one account in the competition.

My knee-jerk reaction, as usual, is to turn it around and ask if people think there is anyone else left in the competition with more than one account? ;)
Because you have been reading each other for 25 weeks now – surely you have picked up individual styles! ;)

Just to clarify though– if there are, they only have until the Top 30. After that, if they are still around – they will need to make a decision on which one to keep. Also – they only get one vote. Even in contestant only votes – they can only vote with one of the accounts. So, basically, they are doing twice the amount of work for the same amount of “power” as any one individual in the competition.

It’s interesting though, seeing people’s responses to the idea. No one seemed to overally mind them in the beginning, but as things get closer and closer, and spots become more precious – there seems to be a shift toward my own original feeling on the subject, of not wanting them to take up the spot of someone else who wants to play! Finding that balance, where people get to flex their creative muscles, while giving everyone a fair shot, has long been a puzzle to be figured out. Hopefully, we get it right more than we get it wrong.

*lights fuse attached to a hand grenade and drops it into the Green Room*

I’ll be having a busy weekend –hopefully one that is as amazing as I think it is going to be (hanging out with my niece!) but if you have other questions for me, don’t hesitate in sending them. If you ask them here though, make sure to let me know, so that I don’t miss them! ;)

Hope your weekend will be rewarding! Or at least that someone will kick you, and make my weekend better! :D

Happy Birthday to our own bonnie_rocks!