April 23rd, 2012


Green Room - Week 24 - Day 4

It's DEADLINE DAY! If you don't see your favorites in yet, kick them in the head and tell them to get a move on! If you do see your favorites in, kick them in the head anyway. I'm sure they deserve it! http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/559264.html

If they are still struggling, and needed some last minute Work Room advice http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/559545.html - you can knee them in the groin, and push them over there!

If you know someone who wanted to get in on the Home Game action, kick them in this direction:

What sort of violence did you have in your weekend? What sort have you started toward your co-workers, so far, today?
Idol8 wheel

Voting - Week 24

A few words from clauderainsrm:

I have some good news and some bad news. Since the former is very much tied into the latter, I'll go with the bad news first.

Real life has claimed a couple more victims. Every great climb has people who fall out the closer you get to the summit, and Idol is no exception. Today we are saying goodbye to one amazing writer ecosopher and one annoying hack cemetaria who was never quite the newbie she played on television. I hope there will be a reveal on that latter, since it's one of those "was I really good enough???" stories where it's exactly what I said would be the case - they are as successful in an alternate identity as they were in the oneand they should really just listen to me in the first place! But some people want to see for themselves... and then let "real life" get to them!! *kicks her again*

At least one of them will be missed. *kicks the other*

I promised some good news was coming out of this - and here it is, due to those two leaving - CONGRATULATIONS, you are now officially the TOP 50 of LJ IDOL SEASON 8!

The Top 50 icons should be ready for rolling out by the end of this poll for anyone who wants them.

So, while you are celebrating - we are still getting down to the business of the actual poll, and losing a couple more from the collective talent pool.

The bottom two vote-getters from the poll will be eliminated. Anyone wishing to use a special power needs to let me know up to one hour before the poll closes. porn_this_way opted to use her Bye power this week, for those keeping track of such things at home.

There are a lot of good entries out there this week, as usual - so go forth - read, comment and vote for your favorites! And tell a friend to check them out as well!

The poll will close April 26th at 9pm EDT

Good luck to everyone!

Note: Due to technical difficulties, karmasoup's entry was moved to http://karmasoup.livejournal.com/32141.html

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My evil plan to exclude her was exposed, so I guess that I should go ahead and post a link to the missing post, so people can at least read it! http://tigrkittn.livejournal.com/200533.html. (sorry about that)