March 30th, 2012

Idol8 wheel

Topic - Week 21

The Gatekeeper round is over. The Results are in.

Now it’s time to see what you can do in this particular hoedown!

You have a choice between two topics.

You will be writing one of them. Your partner will be writing the other.

Yes, I said partner! It’s time for your first INTERSECTION!

There will be more details in the Work Room on that aspect.

What you need to know right here is that your choices are:

the straw that stirs the drink

The deadline to link your entries back here (letting us know which one you are tackling, and who your intersection partner is when you do so) is Monday, April 2nd at 9pm EDT

Have fun!

Home Game - Week 21

It might be an intersection in the "real world", but here in the Home Game, it just means you have two choices for topics!!

the straw that stirs the drink

There is no real deadline for the Home Game, at least not officially - but people tend not to read much when they move on to the next topic, so let's say it's next Thursday, April 5th at 7pm EDT</b>

Green Room - Week 21 - Day 1

The DOOM has passed, and the survivors are still huddled under whatever bits of debris were large enough to use as cover, watching, and waiting to make sure that it doesn’t decide to swing back in their direction. They remember when this month started, when they were the Top 100, laughing in their carefree and innocent way, with no true idea of what was approaching.

Once they feel confident enough to poke out of their holes, it comes time to assess the damage and see who else is still in one piece.

The Gatekeepers were the latest storm to ravage the countryside

But there is very little time to relax, for they need to find a partner in this post-Doom world: and divide their new work load:

Those who didn’t make it, but still want to have some fun with the new topics, have the Home Game,

But what no one could predict, was what was about to happen, that would change their lives forever…


7 years ago we lost the best friend a koala bear ever had. RIP Mitch Hedberg.