March 29th, 2012


Green Room - Week 20 - Day 7

It’s the DAY OF DOOM that we all have been waiting for, at long last, it is here!

The Gatekeepers have been filing in to cast their stones into the circle. Later, we will cut open an animal to see if the entrails can give us any signs as to what those rocks mean!

OK, that might not be the *actual* system. Unless of course, it is… *cue dramatic music*

If it’s not though, I wonder what I’m going to do with all of these entrails! Perhaps, give them out as parting gifts to the contestants who will be leaving us later tonight.


Other than continuing to read and comment to each other’s entries – (and btw – what have been YOUR favorites?), how have you been killing time? And is, it true that Time was wearing a hoodie, so it’s somehow OK???
Idol8 wheel

The Gatekeepers

Since the dawn of time, people have wondered “Who are these Gatekeepers anyway?”

It’s a fair question.

Although, to be as fair as that question, people haven’t actually been wondering that since the Dawn of Time. It just sometimes feels that way. It’s only been since Monday!

There was someone coming that had me quasi-jumping up and down. But they had to cancel at last minute. I probably would have been the only one jumping. They have promised to do something for us in the near future though, so I’ll hold off on announcing it now. But, man, that is going to be cool.

Instead, we get a bunch of hacks... oh wait, no we don’t!

We get the largest group of Gatekeepers ever assembled, with tastes that roam all over the place. It’s an absolutely top-notch group of people. I couldn’t have been happier that they agreed to do this favor for Idol.

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Thank you to all of the Gatekeepers for all of your hard work!
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Results - Week 20

Now for what people are actually waiting for - the results.

You voted, overwhelmingly, for “close to 10 contestants” to be eliminated this round. Which means that the results are going to be tragic, but not as widespread as they could be.

But let’s take a moment to think about that though - we have made it to the Top 69 contestants! When you take into consideration Second Chance, there have been something like 323 contestants to come through these doors this season! You are the TOP 69 of those!

So, even if you go out this round - give yourself a huge round of applause. Because that is an amazing accomplishment in and of itself.

You should be very proud.

Hopefully everyone knows that they should be playing the Home Game, and how grateful everyone is for them coming out in the first place. It’s cliche, I know, but it’s still very much the truth.

I’ll cut right to the chase from here. Because otherwise I’ll keep talking all night to keep from pulling the trigger! Some of these people are friends, and others are folks that I've gotten the chance to know over the course of this season, and really, I hope that one day that I can count them as such as well. . .

It's one more reason why I might joke about "Gary Only Voting" but that's a burden that I would never want on my own shoulders.

Leaving us this week are: (and it worked out to 10 exactly. Otherwise it would have been over 15, it was a CLOSE one)


Goodbye, and thank you, for everything!