March 22nd, 2012


Green Room - Week 19 - Day 8

Today is actually Thursday. Unless of course you live somewhere that it’s no longer Thursday, or perhaps on another planet and are wondering what this “Thursday” thing is – and are now confused and will destroy the sun of Andromeda 7, and keep on destroying until someone explains it to you.

So anyone who was confused yesterday, today is the actual day that the poll will be closing and death will reign down on us all – well, YOU all. The poet William Joel promised that “Only Good Die Young”, so it’s pretty clear that I am, in fact, destined to be immortal!

Which means that if you haven’t gotten yourself over to you should probably do so right away, to make sure that your favorites this week are still here to be tormented in the next!
Idol8 wheel

Results - Week 19

Week 19 is over, and it's time to assess what the voters have given us this time around.

Saying "it's brutal" would be accurate, but maybe not quite up to par with the reality of the situation. But then again, it was going to be like this regardless of what happened. After all, we have been together a long time at this point, and it's only going to get more difficult to say goodbye as time continues to pass.

The one good thing to come from it is that there was a tie in Tribe 1, which means that we will be losing one less than originally planned.

The bad news, of course, is that we still need to say goodbye to an absolutely fantastic group of writers, newbie and veteran.

Leaving us this week are:

From Tribe 1

From Tribe 2

Thank you to all of you, for coming out this season, and helping to shape it. I hope we will continue to see you in the Home Game, and supporting your favorites, to continue to leave your mark on this season, and Idol itself.
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Topic - Week 20

For most of you, it has been 20 Weeks since you stepped on the LJ Idol stage.

You've had your good weeks, and less than perfect weeks, ups, downs, and your general glass-half-broken days.

This seems to be as good of time as any to declare an


You can go wherever you want to go, without direction - other than bring your A-game, and of course link your entry back to this thread by Monday, March 26th at 9pm EDT

Have fun!

Work Room - Week 20

If last time was any indication, there are going to be some of you who are flipping out at the idea of having absolutely no restrictions, and others who will point out that it's not like you have any in the first place. ;)

Finding that motivation, that spark within yourself, to create something brilliant (no pressure) - that is what is all about.

See that fence over there? Swing for it. Be the best you that you can be. Put all your troubles in an old shoebox and smile, smile, smile. . . don't you know you're gonna shock the monkey?
Be you.

Now get out there and figure out who the hell that is!