March 15th, 2012


Work Room - Week 19


It can build you up. It can knock you down.

It can spin you round like a record, baby.

What are you going to do with it today?

I was going somewhere with that, but missed my train of thought and had to sit in the station for awhile. It's not so bad though, I had Doom to keep me company!

What stops are you planning on getting off during your ride toward this topic:

What masked bandits do you see standing in your way of getting enough steam to power through? (and where are we anyway, with coal powered trains and highwayman???)

Green Room - Week 19 - Day 1

*checks flight information*

“England”, “the United Kingdom”, “UK”, “Great Britain”, “Hogwarts” – whatever you call it, it’s all the same place.

Or, it was a place until a few minutes ago, when it sunk back under the sea, much like “Atlantis” and “Cleveland”, places that cannot actually exist, except in the tall tales of old seafarers who have tried to seduce a manatee one too many times!

So, to those who claim to “live” there, better find somewhere else to pretend that you are from, because we all know, it’s not a real place! You might as well admit that you don’t exist outside a few 0s and 1s inside the vast intratubez!

It will be better for everyone.

Especially ‘Mericans. Which include myself, and my cats. Well, that’s pretty much it for actual residents of ‘Merica and followers of the ‘Merican way, which is people giving me cookies. Which is definitely something worth fighting for!!

We do have some news to cover, in case you missed it last night.

Some people are not getting any cookies:
Others are hoping they will get some:
While still others are talking about the fact that these cookies for contestants might just be one of those things like there being a placed called “London”, which seem like a perfectly OK idea until you realize that there is no way that it is ever happening.