March 14th, 2012


Green Room -Week 18 - Day 6

Like a Somewhat Exciting College Athletic Event That Begins In The Third Month Of The Year, the Contestant Only voting reaches in, and grabs right hold of your heart!

So, if you are a current contestant, make sure you are getting your votes in, because the deadline is tonight! From what I’ve seen, it’s still a pretty much anything can, and probably will, happen situation! So make sure to get out there and support your favorites!

Is there anything that you think other people are missing? It’s definitely a question that is a way for those not currently in the competition to chime in on! So, who do you think the “regular contestant” (I’m pretty darn sure there is no such thing. I imagine most of them have erratic bowel movements by now! Oh, the OTHER definition!!! Yeah, no one fits that either!) might not be paying as much attention to as they should this week?
Idol8 wheel

Results - Week 18

There are times when I show up all "BWAHAHAHAHAHA, here's some bad news!" and then there are times when I just plain have some bad news. This is definitely the latter. Tonight, we are losing 14 contestants.

I promised "at least 10 and no more than 20", and I'm glad that I put a cap on it. Because, much like every other poll, it ended up being close in some spots. The most comfortable cut off point though, where it were a couple votes separating the pack, was at 14.

There are many reasons why people might have ended up on the "cut list", some of them could very much have been "Oh, they will make it through. I don't need to vote for them". I tell myself this, because there are people that I have gotten to know over this season (and in some cases previous ones) and never once considered that we could be losing them this week.

There is even one person who is leaving us at 99 weeks. One week shy of breaking into the 100 Weeks Club!! Which is just insane. Possibly even legally insane. I'd have to consult a licensed therapist on that (and I'm quite sure they would say there's actually no such thing as "insane", but rather a series of mental conditions that are far too complex to categorize in such a manner- I'm sure they would agree, if there were such a thing, this week's results would be it!! They would, without a doubt, say this was a "Kevin" of a situation!!

So, without any further adieu, let's just pull the Band Aid off this thing.

Leaving us this week are:


"Talented" doesn't begin to describe this group - and saying that they will be missed/hope they play the Home Game is an understatement. Thank you to all of you for coming out this season for what is proving to be an extremely wild ride! I hope that you continue to show up to cheer on your favorites (and as I mentioned, above, play the Home Game!)