March 8th, 2012


Green Room - Week 17 - Day 7

First and foremost, congratulations to "The UK" for being officially recognized as a place. It's only for a week, and I'm not altogether sure it's still not made up, but for now - way to go "England"!

Once the week is up however, I fully expect this fictional island "nation" to be swallowed up by the very real gigantic sea monsters that prowl at the edge of maps.

For the record - the officially recognized locations are:

'Merica - My apartment.
Foreignland - where foreigners live. AKA places that are not my apartment. More likely than not they do not actually exist.
and England/UK - who are still foreigners, and quite likely hippies, but there is at least some evidence of their temporary existence.


Other things we know exist are:

A poll:
and the final Second Chance Topic:
and of course, "Idol Gives Back" thread


Hopefully, people are getting out there and supporting their favorites. We're having eliminations like Colton Cumbie has "housekeepers", many and they are "just like family".
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Results - Week 17

It was another poll, and another week of nail biting excitement! I accidentally bit off someone's finger. But nail, finger, what's the difference between friends, right?

This is the ever-present Doom, so you knew it wasn't going to be a pretty ending. There were 10 contestants scheduled to go home. In this situation though, we ended up losing only 9. Tribe 2 had a 3-way tie for that last spot. Which means they stay alive a little bit longer, in hopes of being redeemed.

There were two sacrifices this time around, one from each tribe: createdestiny and walkertxkitty fell on their swords.

We also lost a hell of a lot of talent the old fashioned way.

Leaving us this week are a collection of beloved veterans and exciting newbies. Goodbye to:


Thank you to all of you! You made it to WEEK 17. That's a fantastic accomplishment, and I hope you are proud of what you were able to accomplish.
I'm really hoping to see all of you in the Home Game, and to stick around to see how this thing plays out!
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Vote - Second Chance - Week 4

A few words from clauderainsrm:

It wouldn't be the final week of Second Chance Idol without some unexpected twists! We lose three who didn't make it to the starting gate, three strong contenders to get back into the competition, including the guy who keeps passing on moving up! Then we have someone who I thought was moving up decide to stay in SCI until the bitter end!

Add to that someone who never made it to the starting line in the first place posting and for such a small poll, there was a lot of action to be had!

Of the remaining contestants, it's pretty straight forward. One final poll. The top half of vote getters moves up, the bottom half is eliminated.

So, read the entries, comment and vote for your favorites. Otherwise, this could be your last chance to see them in Idol this season!

The poll closes Monday March 12th at 8pm EDT

Good luck to everyone!

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Topic - Week 18

One of the many great things about Idol is seeing people encouraging each other to be better writers, inspiring them to push beyond their normal boundaries.

This topic is a take on that. It's pretty straight forward, but not quite as straight forward as normal, so I'll explain:

Pick a current Idol contestant and use them as the inspiration for your entry. .

I'm sure this is going to make the Work Room fun this week! So make sure to stop by with your questions and comments!

Your entries need to be linked back to this thread by Monday, March 12th at 9pm EDT.

Have fun!

Work Room - Week 18

The new topic is up:

and I can already hear that noise of wheels turning and brake pads smoking.

I'm sure you have questions, such as "What do you mean by 'use as the inspiration'?"
Take it anyway you want to take it. It's your inspiration after all.

"Do I have to mention who it is?"
They should probably be mentioned somewhere. Maybe in a footnote or when you link the entry to the Topic thread.

"Can I write about more than one person?"
I'd rather you didn't take that route. I'm not saying you can't. Because I rarely say you can't do anything. But the "OMG everyone is so inspiring" always feels like a bit of a cheat to me on a personal level. Make a choice and stick by it.

I'm sure you have other questions, so go ahead and ask them!