February 22nd, 2012


Green Room - Week 15 - Day 6

One of the things that I love about Idol is the sheer diversity of the group and how that comes out during the course of interaction.

Because everyone is coming into this with their own life experience, priorities and quite frankly, baggage. (Both good and bad)

We talk. it comes out. Sometimes that will make you think that someone is fantastic. Other times you will think they are an idiot. Often enough, the person who thought was an idiot last week turns out to say something fantastic this week. Of course, sometimes the opposite is true!

It's frustrating and there are times that it makes you want to punch holes in the monitor. Or sometimes reach right through the screen and give someone a hug. Maybe using the hole you punched in it last week! ;)

It's a beautiful thing.

People discussing what is important to them, and hearing the "other side" of it, or even better, the shades in between - As long as you keep your ears open and don't go into knee-jerk mode, you can learn quite a bit from each other.

That's part of what makes the Livejournal experience worthwhile, and what makes the Idol one so very special. Because far too many of us end up in our own echo chambers, where we just hear the same voices repeating things we already believe. It's good to bump up against others with a differing view. It's good. It's healthy.

As long as you keep things constructive, and actually engage, that is. No one learns anything when you get nasty and personal. After all, who wants to listen to you? And really, what can you possibly have that is worth saying if that's what is in your heart? You hurt whatever credibility you think you have when people see that sort of thing.

I've seen quite a bit of that, in other places, at other times - more than my fair share of it, I'm glad that it's in the minority here.

Because the conversation, the debate about what is important and what is silly and where that line is, and how we can interact and get along with people who come up with different answers than the ones that we have come up - that's not an "Idol thing", that's an "Every Day of Life" thing.

Interaction is a good thing. Some of it will be serious. Other bits - not so much. But it's all useful.

It's your Green Room, and your Idol experience. I hope that it becomes whatever it is that you want it to be.

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