February 9th, 2012


Green Room - Week 13 - Day 7

Who will stay, and who will end up going?

It's one of those questions that is right up there with "Who are you?", "What is your purpose?" and "Who are you voting for to be Miss Survivor?"

It keeps you up at night, wondering if it could be your turn to take that long walk of shame and disappointment to the Home Game, forever cast out of the light, the warmth, the comfort that exists only when you are in a poll.

Who will be able to hold onto that, and who has fingers that are starting to slip? Only one way to find out, going to the poll and voting to keep in your favorites from this week! http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/526587.html


How has this week been treating you? For me, there's been a whole lot of grap.

Hopefully yours has been better. It's no fun dashing your hopes and dreams if you are busy doing it for yourself, or letting someone else do it for you!!
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Results - Week 13

Good evening, folks.

Tonight is going to busy, even by Idol standards. So I'm going to cut right to the chase.

The bouncing immunities have been handed out:
tigrkittn gave hers to roina_arwen
elionwyr bounced it over to emo_snal
solstice_singerhanded it off to thaliontholwen
sarcasmoqueen gave it to muchtooarrogant
ryl shook things up, giving immunity to ketsudan

Which means that we are saying goodbye to


Thank you so much, all of you. If there is a chance to get back into the game, at any point... oh say, soon... I hope that you take it.
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100 Weeks

At the start of the season, I knew that there were a handful of contestants who had the opportunity to join a very elite group, the people who have managed to compete in LJ Idol for 100 Weeks.

Barring something very unexpected, this is the final one of the season. (Correction - I just checked, and there could be one more before the end) There were some moments when I wondered if something would go wrong before it happened. Or honestly, if she would decide to jump ship at 99, just to keep things interesting.

Because if there's anything that I know - spydielives likes to keep things interesting!

She came across idol back in Season 2 and was one of the first people to sign up for Season 3 when it rolled around. It wasn't a surprise when she was named that season's "Spirit". Since then she's been a hero, a villain, a complete pain in the ass and one of best friends anyone could ask to have - and that's just the starting point of the descriptions!

I'm not even sure she would recognize her own life from how it was back in Season 2, and I like to think that she and Idol have grown a lot, together, over the years.

With 100 Weeks of showing up to write her ass off - Ladies and Gentlemen,and Contestants aka Riff-Raff, LJ's own spydielives!!

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Second Chance Idol Sign Up Sheet

I haven't actually been subtle about it. But I wanted to make sure people picked up on the fact that tonight was THE NIGHT.

Second Chance Idol sign ups start NOW.

So if you missed out on chance to sign up back in October, or if your time was cut far too short, now is the time for you to jump back into the action of Season 8. Now is the opportunity for you to have one more chance to get things right.

Contestants in Second Chance Idol will have the chance to get back into the mix.

So, tell your friends - tell your family - spread it far and wide, anyone who wants to get into the next to last season of LJ idol has one more shot to do so.

Simply post a statement of intent in your own livejournal, and link that entry back here to this thread.

You have until Tuesday Feb 14th at 8pm EST - By popular demand, I'm extending it to Thursday Feb 16th at 8pm to make your intentions known!
Note: this thread is for links only. Please make all comments in the Green Room. Thanks!
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Topic - Week 14

Love is in the air. You can feel it.

Or maybe it's just the humidity. Either way, there's something that's got me all


Maybe it's just the new topic!

Or maybe it's because your deadline to link it back to this thread is Monday Feb 13th at 9pm EST

Whatever it might be, it's definitely making me smile! :D
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Work Room - Week 14

Where's the Love, Work Room???

I have a feeling this is going to be another one of those topics where something just jumps out at you right away and drags you off with it, or where you will sit there for hours, cursing my name. Or at least a little longer than you normally spend on that daily routine.

What are some of the things that come into your brain when you hear that word? http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/528117.html What images? Where does it take you?

Also worth thinking about - how have you been doing the last couple of weeks of Idol? Have you been happy with the reception your entries have been getting? If not, have you been soliciting feedback on how to improve? Have you been giving other people the same kind of pointers?

it's your Work Room. Make the most out of it.