December 24th, 2011

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Free Topic- Break

I promised some free topics, so I guess I better actually post a couple!

For those who have never encountered a "free topic" before - you may be staring at this and wondering "WTF is this guy babbling about now?" To be fair, I'm sure that is your usual reaction when you see one of my posts! I know that's what I usually think when I see them! :)

A "free topic" is like your every day topic post, except that there is no poll, no one is going to be eliminated, it's not mandatory, and anyone who comes across it can link to this thread.

So it's sort of if the regular topic thread and the Home Game had a baby, and it grew up to rob 7-11s!

There are several of them. You can write as many of them as you feel like writing!

What are the topics?

Glad you asked!

Here Comes the Sun
Zombie Christmas
Hot Water
A Hanukkah Miracle!

Hopefully, there is something in there that you can work with.

Link your entries back to this thread by, well, there's no real deadline, but let's put one out there just because people like them - Thursday, December 29th at 8pm EST!

Have fun!

Green Room - Break - Day 3

I just posted a few Free Topics - hopefully, that will give you something to do. Because I'm sure that you are sitting around in front of your computer, without anything else to do, waiting for them to show up!

The thing is, in previous years, I was doing exactly that for most of our breaks. I knew that I had to give people the time off, due to their schedules, but knowing that I wouldn't be doing much of anything. I did get quite a bit of catching up on television in though. Which wasn't the worst possible thing.

This year is different. I have one of those "lives" people have been talking about! It's weird! :)

So, I know from experience, that this isn't the easiest time of year for everyone. Especially when there so many people in a much better place. Who don't always seem to grasp that not everyone doesn't have the tough choices of where to go and which expensive gift to get their SO! But you know what - it's good that they don't understand that. I'm sure the people who do, would trade that understanding in a heart beat. Because there is always something out there, someone out there, that is in such a worse situation. Regardless of how bad it seems at the time.

That's not always easy to remember. Because all we have is the sum of our own experiences. Experiences that can make "what would have happened if" and "where I should be in life" into things that crush you underneath their weight.

Finding that one good thing, that spark of something that makes you happy - something that makes "Christmas" or any other day, special. That's the trick. Can you do it? I know there were certainly days when I couldn't.

There are still days when I find it extremely difficult, and certainly times when I fall short of that goal. But try. There's something good going on in your life. Right now. Regardless of how it may seem.

Remember that.

Or I'll kick you like the emo damn foreigner hippy that you are! :)