December 22nd, 2011


Green Room - Break - Day 1

Hello there!

If you missed it last night, there were eliminations: and a new topic announcement: that wasn't really a new topic announcement!


So, what are you up to today, other than reposting pictures of the "first kiss" from the US Navy?

Which is awesome, but how hard must have people in the PR office been holding their breath that someone unattractive doesn't win that lottery? ;) I'm imagining that every time they dock, that they line up the best looking people on the ship, take a look at pictures of their SOs and decide who gets to put their name into the hat! ;)


Some dirty hippies are getting together and doing something. I’m pretty sure it involves hugging. But if you want some sort of smelly “love fest”, then you might want to pop over and check it out - but then get your butt back here pronto! Just remember to shower first…