December 21st, 2011


Green Room - Week 8 - Day 9

Good afternoon Idol and welcome to the final day of Week 8! The poll closes tonight, and if how things look right now, it's still fairly up in the air as to what is going to happen!

Especially given that there are still four more contestants who have yet to get me their choices for Bouncing Immunity. They are: tjoel2, dblicher, mymisguided and queencallipygos - so if I just listed your name, email me at to make sure that I receive your choice by 7pm EST tonight!!

Btw - Happy belated birthday to honeybeewriter and Happy Actual Birthday to purplekittn!


Oh, and Happy Hanukkah - and Yule (for those celebrating it today. Just pretend it's tomorrow for those celebrating tomorrow! :D)

Only a few more days until my second favorite holiday (my first is my birthday, which is of course, internationally recognized and celebrated!) - Christmas, The Celebration of the Birth of Santa!!
Idol8 wheel

Results - Week 8

I figured this would be an interesting week, and it certainly lived up the hype!!

Get out your scorecards, protractors and some scratch paper, because when the Bouncing Immunities come into play, you never can be too sure what is going to happen!

Well, to be fair - this week they only came into play once. But that just increases the chances of having a bigger impact later in the competition!

In Tribe Redemption - erica_crawford was saved with a Bouncing Immunity from alexmegami
In Tribe 1 istaar received it from mymisguided, mac_arthur_park received it from queencallipygos and milk_and_glass received it from banyangirl1832
In Tribe 2 - no one received immunity
In Tribe 3 - alexmegami received it from vampedvixen, applespicy received it from tjoel2, baxaphobia received it from read2781 and sra33 received it from twowaymirrrors
In Tribe 4 lynxypoo ended up receiving the bouncing immunity from dblicher AND seratonation. Which means next round, they will have two bouncing immunities to hand out!

Congratulations to those receiving immunity this week! Remember, that means that next time you will be the ones paying them forward!

With that out of the way, we come to the eliminations for the week. Which are never easy, and this week certainly is not an exception to that!

With the immunity being played in Redemption, it saved the person with the lowest vote total, which means the second to the bottom will instead be eliminated.
In Tribe 3, the person e with the lowest vote total, had also planned on sacrificing if for some reason they weren't. . . but it was essentially an act of throwing themselves down on their sword for the good of the tribe.

This week we say goodbye to a mixture of veterans, and newbies, which seems to be the staple of this season:

iampiscesrawr - sacrifice

Thank you to everyone for coming out to play this season! I say it every week, but it continues to be true: I hope that you stick around to play the Home Game, because you can never be too sure that there won't be a chance to get back into the mix, somewhere around the corner!