December 20th, 2011


Green Room - Week 8 - Day 8

I'm still waiting to hear back from 7 of the 10 remaining Bouncing Immunity holders! Which means that there is still a potential for a huge shift! So make sure that if your name is here: that you contact me via and let me know an hour before the deadline for the poll with who you want to give an early Christmas present to, in the form of keeping them safe! ]

While you are at it, everyone should check out that second link - and get out and vote! You have until tomorrow, but there are still a lot of people who aren't feeling the love! I know it's the week before Christmas, and everyone is busy. But that is why it's even more important to get out there, read, comment and support your favorites! Fewer overall votes means that each vote is going to mean that much more!!

My favorite local coffee shop/hang out is closing tomorrow. RIP The Globe.

The owner is going to do something else (working full time with the community radio station)

It's funny to see the entitled reaction from a majority of the people! That they might not have gone there "all the time", but they think she should have sold it to someone else, or just angry in general that she didn't decide to keep it open so they would have a place to hang out.

I'm going to miss it - but as someone staring down the barrel of the gun on a little over a year from now, I definitely know the feeling of just needing to walk away, to stop putting out the effort for the majority of the people who feel more entitled than grateful for the effort. Especially when they are expressing that they don't care who runs it, as long as they have a place to hang out. I guess that's human nature - not looking at anything other than "how does this benefit me?", but it's always a little disappointing to see.