December 19th, 2011


Green Room - Week 8 - Day 7

Sorry for the delay this morning, I just got off the phone with a potential new job offer. It's pretty exciting. The North Koreans are offering a pretty good overall incentive package, and I definitely have to consider my options at this point. I think it could be a good career move.

I'll keep you posted.


Other things that I'm keeping you posted about: We have a poll up:

Voting is still pretty slow, and there are a couple more days to go, so if you see someone who wrote something you love, who isn't doing as well - encourage people to read their stuff! You never know when you will turn someone on to another writer that they will love!


People have been asking me what sort of ornaments were made over the weekend! Thanks for all the suggestions! The one that seemed to be the biggest hit was this one: - which, in person, is even more adorable than the picture!


So, what did everyone (who watches it) think of the Survivor finale??? :) I know I was happy! :)