December 16th, 2011


Green Room - Week 8 - Day 4

Good morning Idol! (Or at least as long morning may last, and then "good whatever")

First and foremost, there is a poll going on right now - so I hope you are busy reading, commenting, and voting. Because the fate of many is in your hand. Or at least a few people - and if by "fate" you mean continuing to be active contestants in LJ Idol. Which, of course, as we all know, being eliminated is a fate worse than being pecked to death by cats.

Second, I would be remiss if I didn't post the link that I promised yesterday for the new Idol book - someone else did post it, but since I said I would, I have.
I'm reading it now, and quite enjoying it. Especially the new material, and rediscovering things. Things always "read differently" on the screen than they do in print. At least for me.

Do other people have that as well?

Third - I don't have a third, other than being excited for the finale of Survivor this Sunday. Still not sure where I'm going to watch it! But I'm still excited.
What are your weekend plans?