December 15th, 2011


Green Room - Week 8 - Day 3

I had something good to read on the bus ride into work this morning.

Something called Idol Meanderings.

It’s kind of funny, apparently there are two collections of entries from some online writing competition – and this second one is hot off the presses, and will soon be available on Amazon.

A bunch of hacks if you ask me! ;)

I was sincerely overwhelmed, and touched, about all the nice things people had to say, in their bios, about how much I (and Idol) had transformed their lives. Oh wait, that was Idol Musings. . . :P

Still, good book so far. Not that I expected anything less.


Some other writing by hacks can be found at - the deadline is tonight, so hopefully there will be a lot more showing up today! Hacksaws can be located in the Work Room
The Hackensaw Boys can be found – well, I’m not sure where they are right now. But if you have a chance to see them, do so.
Idol8 wheel

Vote - Week 8

A few words from clauderainsrm:

It's Week 8 of Season 8 and there are now 8 trib. . . oh, no there aren't! That would have been cool.

Quick! To the time machine to make this happen!

There are however, half of 8 of the regular tribes, with the former dwindling Tribe 5 being dispersed evenly through the others. So maybe that counts for something.. nah, you're right, probably not!

There are however "Bouncing Immunities" out there - which should make things fun! I'm not sure for whom, but someone is bound to like them! Sort of like throwing a hand grenade into a tea room. If not else - you know the result isn't going to be boring!!

If your name is listed here: - make sure you get in touch with me one hour before the deadline for the poll to close, with your pick on who will receive immunity from you!

In the meantime, we have the poll itself. . .

But first, the usual round of business.

We have several old friends (and one contestant that I had thought would be around a lot longer) need to drop out this week.
They are:

We were also faced with a few bye-outs. Again, in a field of where around 60 contestants are now hanging without a single bye to their name, seeing a number this small, this late into the "holiday season" is pretty remarkable. Kudos to everyone hanging in there!
Unfortunately, not everyone was able to do that. So we are losing:
____hejira, belenen, handtruck, induil, kf4vkp, ktdid525, heatherenchantd

Which has a mixture of some very old friends of Idol and newbies. (and of course one newbie who is married to a old friend of Idol! Hopefully, he at least got a taste of what the commotion in his house every week was about!)

Thank you to all of you for coming out this season, and I hope that, when you can, you will make it out to the Home Game.

Speaking of Home Game, we have to determine which of our current contestants are about to become eligible to play it!!

The contestant with the lowest number of votes for their entry, in each tribe, will be eliminated.

The poll will close Wednesday December 21st, at 8pm EST So there is some extra time to get in your reading!

Good luck to everyone!

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