December 9th, 2011


Green Room - Week 7 - Day 4

One of the wonderful attributes of the holiday season is seeing how many individuals, and groups, out there are doing “Give Back” campaigns to help those less fortunate.

There are a lot of great projects, doing good work.

My favorite though is the one who gives to one special cause, dear to my heart. So if you are looking for a way to give this holiday season, send your paypal payments to clauderai…. Oh, um… hey, look, a comet! ;)

My second favorite campaign to give to individuals needing extra help this holiday season is by giving your votes to contestants who do not have enough to get by: Many contestants might not have a Very Idol Christmas this year, unless they receive your vote donation. Give now and give generously.

And while in that giving spirit – why not stop by and give some love to the third contestant in Idol history to make it to 100 Weeks in the competition!:

What are you doing this weekend to make your world a little more joyous?