December 8th, 2011


Green Room - Week 7 - Day 3

There is a lot of spirited and quite frankly fascinating conversation going on in the Work Room and yesterday's Green Room

I love seeing people working things out and exposing their general philosophies and thought processes, when discussing something that seems fairly basic, but has layers to it.

That said, there seemed to be some confusion about what Idol does and doesn't support. I need to remind people that opinions and observations about "this is my experience" are fine. But when it comes to speaking for Idol there's only one person who can do that. He's the one posting this. As long as people remember that, it's all good.

I know that some people just want to concentrate on writing the entry before the deadline. Which is today (Thursday the 8th!!) So, if you don't have anything done yet, you best be getting a move on! ;)

I know others enjoy the conversations about "the craft" in the Work Room and the fun in the Green Room. When it comes to talking about writing though, I think it's entirely appropriate that it spill over. I hope it continues to do that.

But I want to make sure that the people who come in to just unwind and chat with people are also engaged.

*takes a look around at the general Idol audience*

So - what do you think of the current monetary policy of. . . *looks again* Yeah, that's not going to fly.

Uh... I think Tutuola said it best when. . . yeah. . . hmmm. . . . *takes one more look around* hmmm. . . *reads Idol's friends list for inspiration*

How about that Christmas shopping???

Did you see that meme? Isn't it SO funny?


How about that weather we've been having. That's wild wacky stuff!

There you go? Better? ;)
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Vote - Week 7

A few words from clauderainsrm:

It was definitely a memorable week, and is about to get even more exciting!

Sure, the topic may have been Bupkis, but that doesn't mean that the entries (or the discussion of entries, and discussion about the discussion of entries!) was!
Some truly interesting and passionate conversations and some great entries came out of it! So kudos to everyone who made this week not your "typical December lull" that so many people worry about.

We did end up losing some amazing writers. But to bye outs: monkeysugarmama, ladyerlynne, kirrst and tralfamadore
and to those who found that they simply no longer could stay in the competition, and needed to make the decision to drop out:

There are, without a doubt, some very talented individuals leaving us.

There are also some very talented people still with us!

Which is why we are here.

It's a regular vote, with the contestant with the entry with the fewest votes in each tribe leaving us.

So that is straight forward. it's also the next phase of the game, so I will go ahead and say that when the polls close, there is going to be a few special powers handed out, which should continue to shake things up! That should be fun!

The polls close Monday. December 12th, at 9pm ESt!

Good luck to everyone!

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Note: basric's entry - in Tribe 1 - can be found at
qa's entry - in Tribe 2 = can be found at
hexkitten's entry - in Tribe 4 can be found at
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100 Weeks

Anyone who has competed in LJ Idol knows that there is no guarantees when it comes to surviving an average week! There's a poll going on right now that will no doubt end up proving that

There are a lot of factors going on, and even if you are sure you can coming out the other side, there is always a chance you are wrong.

Getting into the Top half is difficult. Getting into the Top 20 multiple times is even more so.

Starting in Season 4 - and in Week 7 becoming the third person to complete 100 Weeks in Idol? That's damn impressive.

Stop and think about that for a moment. The time involved. The sheer amount of other contestants who have showed up, and passed through these halls.

There is now a third person ever to meet that mark. In 8 seasons, only three people have gotten to this point. That says a great deal right there. It's definitely an accomplishment!

Week 7 is obviously still going. But he declared the bye! Which means he's automatically survived the round!

Yes. I said "He".

Again, anyone with any sense of the fact that last season was first time that a male contestant has made the Top 3, and the second time one was in the finals - you know how impressive that is that the third person to hit 100 Weeks is a Guy!

Does this make him the Greatest Male Contestant Ever?

Well, it certainly doesn't hurt the argument. If nothing else, it makes him the male contestant with the most endurance! Which I'm sure he would appreciate! ;)

Congratulations superhappytime!!