December 5th, 2011


Green Room - Week 6 - Day 7

People have been asking if there will be an extension. There have been a number of comments on that subject, so I figured that I would go ahead and clear it up:

The deadline is tonight at 9pm EST:

Hopefully LJ will continue to cooperate, now that the Russian elections have passed (well, until March). That is, if that was actually the reason and not Frank demanding more stock options and a better parking spot!

That said – how was your weekend? Did you do anything interesting? Or rather, anything interesting that wouldn’t be sent directly to your work spam filters? ;)

For the benefit of those who might be pressed for time for tonight’s deadline – are there any pieces that you would suggest that they check out first? A “you can’t miss this” or a “this person isn’t getting anywhere near the attention that they deserve!” I’m quite sure they are out there.
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Results - Week 6

This has been a wild week. DDoS attacks and a community only vote (fairly unpredictable to begin with) combined to make for some extremely close results. In pretty much every tribe, a vote or two would have made the difference in who is leaving us.

Which I think is a testimony to the level of talent this season, and a reminder that every vote counts. I really wasn't sure what the results were going to be for most of the tribes when I just "close poll", and that's exciting!

Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to some folks this week. It's never an easy thing to do, and certainly doesn't get any easier the further we go.

This week we are saying farewell to


Thank you for everything. I know that I say this every week - but that's because it's true every week - that you will be missed, and I hope that you stick around, because you never can be too sure when there might be a chance to jump back into the competition!

You may have noticed that there were only four eliminations, and yet, there are five tribes! That is because one of them ended in a tie, which means, starting next week Tribe Redemption makes a return, featuring

from Tribe 5.

Good luck to both of you!
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Topic - Week 7

I was working on the topic for this week, but it didn't seem right.

So I scrapped it, and went back to the drawing board.*

(* Not really, but just go along with it OK?)

I just kept hitting that wall, but it was just


So that's the topic for the week!

The deadline to link your entry back to this thread is Thursday, December 8th at 9pm EST

Have fun!!

Work Room - Week 7

Given the nature of the topic, I figured it was appropriate to continue to mentor each other!

Obviously, it's a valid tool to pick up - the ability to give and receive constructive criticism. It doesn't come easily to most of us - one of the parts is usually lacking. Either the criticism is toned down to the point where it doesn't really do any good OR it's nowhere near being "constructive". Those are certainly something that we've seen this season. Hopefully we can move to a happy medium as time goes on.


I know that I certainly had some observations of the last couple of weeks, and what seems to be working - and more importantly, what definitely is not.

What have you observed? How has it made you think about your own work? Positives? Negatives? Has it left you completely unchanged? (If the last option - you're doing it wrong. ;) You should always be able to take something away from reading, and observing, other writers)

Now that you are in Week 7, what are you going to do to make bupkis into something special? What would you suggest other people avoid?