December 1st, 2011


Green Room - Week 6 - Day 3

The Idol elves have been busy decorating to celebrate the new month.

Human skulls on pikes is “Christmas”y – right?

Maybe we can put one on top of the tree, both as celebration and warning. Which is really all the same thing these days.

Speaking of warnings – the deadline to get in your entries is tonight.

It’s looking pretty scary right now. When we started, there were over 50 contestants who didn’t have a bye left, which put them in danger of leaving us. The last time I checked, that number was down into the 30s of folks who were on the verge this week. Even if we end up with “less than half” – that’s still going to be a blow that will take us down to really close to the 200 contestant mark.

With another week of tribal shifts, this could be major in how this season ends up playing out. Then again, every week in Idol is major toward that goal. But given that “200” will mark the start of “Phase 2”, when things start getting interesting. . . well, I guess people had better start securing their seatbelts!
Idol8 wheel

Vote - Week 6

A few words from clauderainsrm:
Before we get into the tribal shuffle, and of course, the voting - we need to say goodbye to some people who have byed out of the competition. It's a mixture of newbies and veterans, which seems to be the theme of the season. Some talented people in this group, who will definitely be missed. Also some losers. . . heh, not really, but I was just checking to see if you were paying attention! Seriously, thanks for coming out folks, and I hope that everything is well.

Leaving us this week are:

achromaticlight, antianhedonia, ariesathena,corpses_smiling, edith_jones, horosha, imagemirror, jazmcrfan, loganv2, maerhys, misalady, nouv_ella, mscc6422, ravenofdreams, jessm and stharridan

Which, given that there were over 50 contestants without byes, is much smaller than a lot of people, including myself, predicted. So good job to those who are standing and fighting without a safety net!
We also have a drop to announce. Although I will put an * on this one, because I tried to email her back and her settings did not allow me to do so. Nor did I have another way of getting in touch that I could locate this afternoon.

ohnocapslock - if you are reading this, first off - Congratulations. Secondly, there is a Baby Bye option. I don't count the "week of" giving birth as an actual bye (as long as someone tells me that is what it is) and you do have one more bye left after that. If you decide you want back in, and email me at before this poll closes, I think that under the circumstances, it would be all good. If you don't, I understand, but I wanted to make sure you knew your options.

With that said, we get to Week 6 and the voting.

First off, it's a Community Only poll. You need to be signed up as a member of the community in order to vote. It's easy enough to do - and you've had one earlier this season, so you probably know the drill.

Second, we are down to 5 tribes. Tribe Redemption was absorbed, with one member going to each of the new tribes. The Tribe 9/bye-tribe from last time is the odd tribe out. I said there would make it interesting last time around, and it does. Especially with so many of the bye-outs coming from that group. The rest of the tribes are a straight forward merge of two of the existing groupings.

It should keep people on their toes, and hopefully increase exposure to new people from folks who read their own tribe first!

The contestant with the entry receiving the fewest votes from each tribe will be eliminated.

The topic, "Food Memory" is one of my favorite Top Chef challenges. From what I have seen, it translated well to the written form! Great job folks! Way to make it difficult on the voters!

The poll closes Monday, December 5th at 9pm EST.

Good luck to everyone.

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