November 23rd, 2011


Green Room - Week 5 - Day 6

It was the day before Thanksgiving, and all through the house - All the contestants were scurrying to get to the poll - , even some guy named Klaus!

How are you doing? What are you doing? Who are you doin. . . nevermind. If previous experience is any indication, I don’t want to know that!!! ;)

As I said, the poll is now up – and you have extra time to sit around and read. Which is what I’m sure everyone will be doing for the next few days. Not spending time with family and friends, or camping out for massive sales – I’m quite sure they will be spending all available time camped in front of their computer, reading entries!! Or maybe ignoring everyone, reading it on their phones!

For those who have already read quite a bit – or even just getting started. . . what has jumped out at you? What isn’t doing as well as you would like to see it do?