November 15th, 2011


Green Room - Week 4 - Day 5

It’s a brand new day – and a brand new poll!

So get over there, read the entries, and cast votes for your favorites! Some tribes are in tighter spots than others, so I’m sure they will appreciate any attention they can get!


I’m more than a little biased here, but I think this is an incredibly talented group, and continue to be impressed. It’s probably too early to say it, but this has all the ear marks of a great season! Or a complete disaster. Sometimes it’s hard to tell at first glance!

I see some people emerging as “front runners”, but if the years have taught me anything, front runners at this point rarely make it to the end. They can. But Idol is a marathon, and they tend to run out of gas before they get to the finish line. I think that the people having “good weeks” has been shifting enough over the last few weeks to make it clear that anything can, and probably will happen. Which is exciting.

Especially when you consider how many times, over the next few months, that I will be aiming to knock your legs out from under you, and make you fall into the spiked pits I’ve placed around the grounds. It just adds an extra level of fun!!