November 14th, 2011


Green Room - Week 4, Day 04

Anyone who has spent any time in Idol knows that, over the course of 8 seasons, that I have changed the deadline a handful of times.

I like to consider every single case to have been an extraordinary circumstances. Usually they are bad.

This is a good one.

But it does mean that, having come up, that I need to shift the deadline for this topic back several hours: (I could move it UP, but that wouldn’t be fair IMO. So I move it back and give you more time, rather than suddenly having less.) It was at 8pm EST. I’m moving it to Midnight.

I apologize for the change of plans. It does give you more time to read ahead though! Which is always a good thing! Read, comment, and maybe mark down your favorite entries so that as soon as the poll goes up, you can vote for them!


How was your weekend?
What "good surprises" have been coming your way?