November 9th, 2011


Green Room - Week 3 - Day 6

Yesterday, the state of Mississippi had the chance to make a historic vote. Unfortunately, they instead decided to vote on things actually on the ballot.

They could have voted on anything - but NO, these people had to go and actually fill in the proper blanks. Imagine if they had instead decided to vote on the Louisiana Purchase, or perhaps on Boxer Rebellion. Maybe the entire state would get together and decide if Richard Hatch was going to win the million dollars. You know, taking the time to see if time truly was fluid and they could change the course of human existence at the ballot box!

Instead, we get the same old tired reasoning. Not just from them - but from places across the country, and doubtlessly across the "world". People standing up for the issues that they care about, instead of standing up because someone just stole their chair!

It's just not right.

Something else that is just "not right" is me - and what I have on my mind is that we still have a couple more days to vote - a couple more days to support your favorites, and change the course of Idol history (or at least map out this season's future).

So if there are entries that are not getting the love they deserve, make sure other people hear about them!