November 8th, 2011


Green Room - Week 3 - Day 5

Good morning.

I don't know what is going on today in your Made Up Foreignland, where you claim to "live", But here in 'Merica, today is the day that many areas have their municipal and state wide elections. Granted, these are also made up places, since everyone knows the only REAL 'Mericans live in my apartment! Which is why I built a giant wall to keep out the foreigners trying to come in and take our jobs and sit on my couch!!

But in terms of these elections, they are often fairly quiet deals, but they mean more on a day to day basis than the big splashy, national level ones. These are the people running your city and state. This is where they usually decide to put the amendments that they don't want to put on a ballot with a higher turn out. The ones with actual substance instead of the ones that make everyone rush to the polls to support/oppose.

So, if you are having one in your area - get out and vote. If you aren't - show up at your regular polling place anyway, and demand they let you vote on something!!


Speaking of voting - we have a little vote of our own going on right here in Idol - - at stake - contestant's continued place in the competition! So make sure to get out there, read, comment and vote for favorites. When you see entries not getting the level of love that you think they should - step up and show them that love. Tell your friends. Mention it in the Green Room.

If you have slightly less than a hundred problems, and you are sure that a female dog is not one of them - then you have time to read the entries this week! The level of byes have actually made it accessible, even with this number of contestants, and easier for you to find some new favorites, if the those that you normally might regularly read took a break this round!