October 24th, 2011


Green Room - Week 1 - Day 6

I'll admit, it was kind of sad getting up this morning and seeing that our name was no longer on the LJ Home Page. 

Thank you to lj_spotlight; and to everyone who found us through them! I'm really glad you did!

Those following the Final Day of Sign Ups will note that we are very close to 300! http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/485253.html So, for anyone who had that number in the "How Many Contestants Will Idol Have This Season" poll, you are about to be right!! If there is anyone out there on the fence, today is the day to make up your mind!!

I have one other piece of information that may tip that balance. Originally, I was going to announce this next week - but I had a really good weekend, so I'm going to be generous. (Which just means that I need to be extra evil later in the season to make up for it -

I am announcing the byes today. Right now, in fact.

For those not familiar with the concept - A bye is essentially a "free pass" week. If something comes up in your life, and you just can't manage to get anything in - you can post (in the Topic thread) that you are "taking a bye".

This season, you will be getting two of them.

Once they are gone, and you miss a deadline, you will be out. But until then, you have a little breathing room. Life is going to happen. It always does. With two byes, you have a little breathing room.

They will be good until we hit the Top 100! So use them carefully. Once they are gone, you are hanging on week to week!

You can use them starting this week. I wouldn't recommend it, but you know - if you have to use it, you do.

If you still need to post your entry (or use a bye), the place to go is: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/486728.html - the deadline is TODAY at 8pm EDT!! So make sure to get it in!!
Idol8 wheel

Vote - Week 1

A few words from clauderainsrm:

Ladies and Gentlemen -Boys and Girls - and of course Idol contestants and people voting -

Welcome to Season 8 of LJ Idol!

This week I threw contestants a bit of a curveball by skipping the standard "Introductions" and going instead with "When You Pray, Move Your Feet".

I think the results speak for themselves, and that this is already shaping up to be a great season! (Or at least a very interesting one! Perhaps "interesting" is more accurate though! :D)

Regardless of that - there is some fantastic reading to be had, so let's skip of the bs and get right to why you are here.

There are 8 tribes. The bottom vote-getter from each may be eliminated.

The poll will close Thursday, October 27th at 10pm EDT

For those new to the competition, or LJ polls in general, you can vote for as many of your favorite entries as you wish. So there is no need to play favorites - go out and discover some new ones too!

Just by posting, and taking part in this season, these contestants have taken a step that many people never bring themselves to make, putting themselves and their work, out there. It's not always easy. But hopefully it will ultimately be a rewarding experience.

One of them is about to start the journey to become the next LJ Idol! Hopefully, the rest of them will be on journeys of their own, or at very least have a lot of fun writing!

Good luck to everyone!

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Note: itstoffer's entry is located at http://itstoffer.livejournal.com/931.html - My apologies. He will obviously be safe this week, due to the technical SNAFU, but you should check out his entry.
Note 2:mstrobel's entry is at http://mstrobel.livejournal.com/40702.html and imafarmgirl's is at http://imafarmgirl.livejournal.com/1040438.html