June 10th, 2011


Green Room - Week 28 - Day 1

I misread LJ's "Question of the Day" this morning.

For those who skim past it or have tried to block it out due to the severe trauma that it causes you when you realize that *real people* came up with these "writing prompts". . . LJ puts up a new question every day and you are supposed to be inspired to write a response.

This one was something about if you had the chance to visit anywhere, free of charge... whre would it be? Which isn't a bad question - but it's not the one that I SAW when I glanced at it - I thought they were asking where you wanted to visit, that was Free of Change.

Only completely paper based currency countries for me!!! None of that "change" business!!! ;)


Speaking of "change", we lost a couple more writers last evening - http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/469733.html , always a sad (but necessary) thing.

There was also an announcement about The Spirit of LJ Idol award this season! http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/470043.html

For the record, for those who asked - no, there are NO "write ins". I'm not going to throw out the ballots or anything, but I'm also not counting those votes. Even it is for kittymichaels or one of our younger competitors from earlier this season! ;)


So, what's going flippity floppity in your head?

Home Game - Week 28

You asked for it - now it's back! The Home Game thread!!!

For anyone wondering what "The Home Game" is, it is a chance for people who are not current competing contestants to get a taste of Idol by writing, and linking their entries here!

The topics that current contestants have this week are the reprise of "Winding Up",and "Here There Be Dragons".

Which means that is what you have as well!