June 9th, 2011


Green Room - Week 27 - Day 8

If you can manage some time that isn't on the Google homepage today, we do have a little better of a vote going on http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/468227.html - if previous weeks, and trends from this particular week are any indication, this is going to come down to the wire as all the bad people in the universe flood in with their votes at the last minute, tipping the karmaic cycle and plunging us into a Thousand Years of Darkness.

Of course, it still beats what would happen with Gary only voting. :)

Those Thousand Years of Darkness are the perfect time to write something for the Free Topic http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/468544.html

So get your inherently unethical and downright bad selves over to both places and see what can be seen.


So, who are you lying to today? Yourself perhaps?
Pinocchio? Don't do that, it only encourages bad behavior. How will you ever become *real* boys and girls instead of the shallow wooden half-lives you lead now if you go around acting like that????

Results - Week 27

I would say that it was another "down to the last possible moment" votes that have become a Season 7 staple - but I would be lying. Technically speaking, it was an after the last minute decision, because the Jury still had to have their say on who was to receive immunity.

It another very tight, down to a single vote, selection process, but the contestant that they decided to spare this week actually needed it. Congratulations to hosticle_fifer, you have been given immunity and are safe from elimination this week.

You can breathe now.

That does mean though that the person with the next lowest amount of votes will be going instead.

Thank you so much to all the people who came out to support your favorites. I hope that you will stick around to see this thing to it's conclusion, and that you will continue to check out some of the other outstanding writers who are currently competing!!

Unfortunately, this week, we are saying goodbye to 3 of them, and are, in turn, finding out Top 11.

We've been together for a really long time in this Season and I've really enjoyed all three of them. It's very difficult to say goodbye, but fortunately, they will be crossing over to the Jury, to help make future Immunity picks and helping to craft the rest of this season.

I really hope we will be seeing them in the Home Game as well. I'll miss their entries. . . I really need to just go ahead and say it instead of dragging my feet. . .

Leaving us today are three veteran fan favorites and all around nice folks to have around:


Topic 28

Remember this? http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/383884.html

Seems like yesterday doesn't it? What do you mean "No"? ;)

I said, in the beginning, that this season had choices to made.

You had a choice, back in Week 1 about how your season was going to go. Some of you picked "Winding Up", some of you picked "Here There Be Dragons".

Now - that choice has come back on you.

Write the other one

For our Second Chancer - you get the luxury of picking which one you want to do.

Your deadline to link your entry back is Tuesday, June 14th at 8pm EDT.

Have fun!

Spirit of LJ Idol

Since Season 2, we have had a ritual here in LJ Idol.

It's a very special vote. Some people value it more than winning. Most of those actually won as well. ;)

As originally conceived, it was an award for the contestant that people thought "Man, if this was based on who has really uplifted me and helped make this a wonderful experience - they would win!"

As it turned out, there is a 3-2 advantage for the person winning this to actually turn around and win the whole thing as well. Which was surprising. But certainly not a guarantee. . . nor should it be.

HOWEVER it is someone that you, as a group, are saying that you trust enough to give them a title and special powers that could make a major impact on how this all ends. You could very well be putting your game in their hands. . .

Who are they?

They will become Season 7's Spirit of LJ Idol. Who has done the most. Who has meant the most to your experience here.

It's time to give them that little bit extra - because you think they are what this season is all about... or SHOULD BE.... who transformed your landscape and made a positive impact on the competition?

This season there is one special twist... a first time for us, hopefully it works... this season the Jury will also be able to vote!!!

In the past it's just been the people still in the competition, but the Jury are going to be able to have a say as well.

Who is eligible??? Well, that hasn't changed. It's the 11 current competitors. So make a list of 1-11, who you most want to have it to who you really wouldn't be putting on the top of your personal list... and send to clauderainsrm@gmail.com (DO NOT POST IT HERE) by Thursday June 16th at 7pm EDT.

Thank you - and thank you to everyone for making this season special.