April 23rd, 2011


Results - Week 22

If someone looks at my eyes right now, I should probably point out that I was doing some late night cleaning and got something in one of them.

That's why they look irritated. Everyone knows that I don't have "emotions".

Those are for the weak and foreigners! :)

It's another rough week of eliminations. But every week is a rough week. The further into this we get, the more difficult it is going to become.

Before we get to the results though - the question everyone has been asking is who did vaguelyclear team up with? As the Wild Card in the equation, where goes vaguelyclear so goes the possible results.

She went with i_17bingo and supremegoddess1! So congratulations to the three of you, you are definitely safe this week!

As for the rest, there were some close races, as usual, but the four people leaving us today are

and snarkerdoodle

Who are definitely four contestants who have made their mark on this season. I really hope to see you all in the Home Game!

100 Weeks

It feels like we just made this post last week.

Oh, wait - that's because we did!!

A second contestant, right on the imafarmgirl's heels, has made it to 100 weeks in the competition!

Last week there was some talk about the new worlds that were opened in Idol by her - this one is no exception. She has made a huge contribution to bringing in the clinically insane and homicidal.

Oh, and "international" competitors. Before she showed up in Season 3, no one went around posting entries in ancient Runes. They used English. Not her. She babbled on forever about nothing - but gave us an awesome baby, so it was all OK.

She made the finals in her very first season, and since then has gone on to kill me off in at least a couple entries a season. Why? *see "homicidal" note above*

She is agirlnamedluna and she is the Second Contestant in Idol History to make it to 100 Weeks of competing!!

Join me in a quiet round of applause! (if you clap too loud it might undo her work capturing and torturing Tinkerbell, and no one wants that)


Over the last couple of weeks I've fielded some questions. People wanted to know if they could have more than one intersection partner.

I told them "No". (other than Wild Card)

Why did I say that when there were a few trios last season that caused a stir, and it was something that people seemed to want to know?

Was it because I was a complete and utter monster who wanted people to be unhappy?

No. That's just a coincidence!

It's because this week you are going to pick two fellow contestants to join up with!!!

It CAN NOT be anyone that you have partnered up with in the last two weeks. So if you have to find two completely new people!

Hopefully this will be a whole lot of fun and create some interesting dynamics!!

I will be posting the topics in a few minutes! Until then - get moving!!! :)

Topic - Week 23

With three people hanging out this week, there will, of course, be three topics to pick from.

Make sure that you all pick different topics!!

What are they?

You're in an awfully big hurry today aren't you... geez.... OK, then, the topics are:

No man is a hero to his valet
Pass the ammunition
The darkside

Hope you can find something fun for you in there, 'cause that's what you've got! :)

The deadline to link your entries back here is Wednesday April 27th at 9pm EDT!

Have fun!!