April 10th, 2011


Results - Week 20

Livejournal is a harsh mistress, and not in the way that people are willing to pay a little extra to receive.

In a series of ups and downs through the last week, it is has been rough going just to keep our heads above water and keep track of what is going on.

It's one of the problems with a site like this, sometimes it doesn't work as well as we would like. Sometimes we spend more time hammering our heads against wall than we can spend actually reading and enjoying ourselves.

Which is a shame.

Sometimes you play the course and sometimes you get played by it.

Thank you to everyone who braved the waters and kept trying until they got their votes in, and let their voice be heard over the chaos.

The second tribe was created to try to avoid automatically eliminating anyone caught in LJ's trap. It made things a lot more difficult, but hopefully it helped a little.

However, LJ did seem to aim at one particular household.
were eliminated from the Late Tribe.

In the first tribe, we are losing soprano1790.

At this point any elimination is going to be brutal. Seeing those names just reminds us of that.

There is a tie-breaker among the other folks currently tied for that second spot.
The contestants who will be battling it out?


You have until tomorrow, Monday April 11th at 9pm EDT to link your new entry to the topic thread below.
The topic? Another Runner in the Night.
Have fun!

We also say goodbye to the Topsy Turvy that has been in play, and Hello to the Top 50 that we have officially passed. Congratulations!

Goodbye TT. For now. ;)


Week after week, for several months now, you have brought everything you had to give, writing your heart out.

This week - that changes.

Because not only will you be writing YOUR heart out, you will choose a partner who will be writing their heart out as well!

That's right Boys and Girls and assorted wildlife - it's INTERSECTION TIME!!!!.

So go out, find yourself someone that you want to partner up with, and get to it!

(oh and post your official picks here so everyone will know who you have chosen! :D)

The topics will be posted soon.

Topic - Week 21

People who have never been a part of an Intersection before will probably wondering how this works.

There are two topics this week.

You pick one to write. Your partner writes the other.

What are those two topics? I'm glad you asked!!! :)

Playing the odds and an "Open" Topic.

Your deadline to have your entries linked back here is Wednesday April 13th at 9pm EDT.
Have fun!