March 26th, 2011


Results - Week 18

It was another tight poll in another tight week.

Reading through the entries this time around, I figured that was going to be the case, and it certainly didn't disappoint.

People are always going to have opinions. It's what they do. Go around having opinions on stuff. But I think everyone who has made it to this point in the competition should be proud of themselves and the work that they have put out.

Five people were leaving us this week, which means that there needs to be a tie-breaker.

Leaving us today are



Two of the three there I don't have to hope they will be sticking around. I know they will, in other forms. :)

I hope they continue to explore the worlds they created under these IDs though.

That does double for the non-alt of the bunch! :)

The tie breaker this week is between



Your topic is Call. I will be providing a thread below for you to link your entries back by tomorrow, Sunday March 27th at 4pm EDT. Have fun!

Topic - Week 19

Welcome to Week 19!!! We are almost to the Dreaded Week 20!!

What is so dreaded about it? Oh, you don't want to know. It's um... dreaded and stuff.

All sorts of spooky music playing all the time. It's just bad.

It may look like there's a lot of fun things going on there.

That's only a


Which is actually your topic.

Your deadline to link your entries back here is Tuesday March 29th at 9pm EDT.
Have fun!

Work Room - Week 19

One of the oldest Idol debates in the book is how to interpret the topic and be able to make it your own.

Because that's what it's about in the end, making it your own. Some people take the long away around and some take the shortest possible path. "Good entries" are possible as a result of both ways of doing things. With some folks though, entries are like math. If you want the credit, you need to show your work! They want to understand how you got there.

Other people make the jumps with you, figure it out at the end, or just plain figure if they didn't get the connection, they didn't! :)

Which is part of what makes the process interesting - to me at least!

Seeing all sorts of different people, and not just different styles of writing, but the thought process that goes into it, coming together and hashing things out with each other!

Where are you at with "Mirage"?
Where is your brain taking you?
How does knowing how other people might be interpreting the topic, or your take on it, end up impacting your own process? Help you focus? Distract you? Have you learned to let it become background noise and listen to your own voice?