March 17th, 2011


Green Room - Week 17 - Day 7

Top o'the morning to ya!

You're under arrest

Stay away from me Lucky Charms

Shakespeare is the happy hunting ground of all minds that have lost their balance.

Go Celtics!

Get me another beer.

What else do Irish people say???

Oh - Happy St Patrick's Day!

*drives the pagans out of the Green Room, as is the custom of the day*


How are you folks doing?

Hopefully you are reading and continuing to vote.

Well I KNOW you aren't voting at the moment. There was a rush, and then a dead space this morning. Hopefully that means the rest of you are taking your time to get through the entries and make informed decisions.
It's either that or you're a bunch of slackers! *looks the group over* Oh dear. Odds aren't good on this one are they? ;)