March 12th, 2011


Results - Week 16 Tie-Breaker

I apologize for the delay in posting. It was a combination of wanting to triple-check (given how close/back-and-forth the totals were and more to the point, because opportunity came knocking right after I hit "close". Opportunity in the form of an old friend who volunteered to set up a computer connection for me. :)

Everything got done, but between those two, I couldn't post before now.

Today we are saying goodbye to yako. Not sure what she wants said, and what she doesn't, but I think that the evolution from Second Chance contestant to full fledged Idol contestant was a remarkable one and well worth people giving it a shot on going back to read if they missed it the first time.

I know she will be around, in one form or another, but I hope that yako herself continues to Home Game.

Congratulations to copyright1983 - now get to work on this week's entry!