March 11th, 2011


Green Room - Week 17 - Day 1

Like a tsunami at a tsunami meet-up, who can't quite make out the name tags, and so ends up calling everyone by all the wrong names - Idol stumbles it's way into Week 17, drunkenly knocking over the table with the punch bowl.

From last night, we have the Results - featuring an upcoming tie-breaker!
A new topic
A new Work Room to discuss that topic
and a new Scott Walker to make sure that no one in that room is trying to get together to negotiate the best deal for themselves.

Vote - Week 16 - Tie-Breaker

Being this close to the Top 75, you can feel the tension in the air. We are starting a new phase of the game, and things are tight enough already.

The evidence of that is this tie-breaker and just how close we were to having more of them.

I think there is an amazing amount of talent that comes out each and every week, and it's no surprise to find that the general public seems to be having a problem picking a favorite! That's a good thing! :)

Today though, we only have two choices - and they both are familiar faces. Both of them came in this season from Second Chance.

As usual, the poll is going to be up until tomorrow, Saturday, March 12th at 10pm EST! The entries have been in for a bit now, but I wanted to get it as close to 24 hours - while still giving a nod toward a little extra time, so here you go!

Read the entries. Comment on them - and vote.

Your vote will determine which individual will be moving on and which is out of chances. *cue dramatic music*

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Excuse me, I need to go watch "Ressell" Hantz cry again now. There's something that is just so fundamentally satisfying about that.