March 10th, 2011


Green Room - Week 16 - Day 9

The final day of voting - get your vote in today: or forever hold your peace.

Or hold whatever it is that you want to hold.


I just got home from seeing Ra Ra Riot. Great show, but the audience just kind of sat there. We were pretty much the only ones dancing or moving at all.

Seeing the band working their butts off, it "should" have made people want to give back to them by returning that energy. For some reason, it didn't.

It made me think about Idol, and writing in general. Let's face it, everything makes me think of Idol. :)

You can tell when someone is leaving pieces of themselves on the floor, writing themselves raw. You can also tell when people are phoning it in.

If you see someone giving their all in their writing - I hope that you will take the time to give it your all with commenting, and in turn up your own game writing wise, pushing yourself to get even better!

Results - Week 16

With the Top 75 close enough to touch, things were bound to get interesting given the remaining special powers out there that had not been used to this point. After all, that is when they expire!

So pull up a chair as I explain what has happened. You might need one.

cheshire23's "Back in the Game" token given to roina_arwen.

So welcome back Ro! That also means that Week 17 is the final week to use byes and all but one of the special powers. (I think everyone knows which one that is)

In Tribe 1 we are saying goodbye to a long time veteran and a relative of a beloved veteran and a second generation contestant who has more than made her own mark:

That's two of the three.
The third? Well, that's a little more complicated:

myrna_bird uses her "Immunity for Someone Else" token to save maizing_grace. Considering that she used her own "immunity token" to save another player not long ago, it seemed that gesture has come full circle to save her this time.

This creates a Tie-Breaker for the Final Spot between former Second Chancers copyright1983 and [Bad username: yako"]. More on that later.

In Tribe 2, it really does show that it can be any given week, as we are ending up saying goodbye to someone who was "Very Safe" in the Last Contestant Only Vote, and another contestant that wasn't too far away from that category herself:


For the third and final elimination, we have an unusual situation. You are sitting down right? Things go all topsy turv... oh, no not the special power!! Just the situation itself. It's kind of "odd".

Earlier in the week, seeing what she figured was the "writing on the wall", tigrkittn sent me instructions to make sure that I knew that she wanted to use her Personal Immunity if she was in danger. It turned out that she was.

So, since she has used her immunity, the person with the next lowest votes is the one going home. In this case - dizzy_writing.

Saying "Thank you" to all of the people leaving really doesn't go far enough. Over the course of the season (or seasons in some cases) they have all produced some really cool stuff. Hopefully everyone takes the time to let them know that.

But the week isn't over yet, because we have the TIE-BREAKER between copyright1983 and yako!

The Topic is Full House.

The deadline to link it back to the specially marked thread below is tomorrow, Friday March 11th at 10pm EST.

Have fun!

Topic - Week 17

You worried and fretted last week.

You wondered what it all meant.

Was it all sound and fury, signifying something-or-other?

Did it have a deeper meaning?

Did. . .

Oh, you aren't here to discuss last week. You are here to find out what to new topic is, and to link your entries back here.

OK then.

It's another Open Topic.

The deadline to link your entries back here is Tuesday March 15th at 9pm EDT. (Note the change to Daylight Savings Time) I'm serious. You need to bring your A-game.

Have fun!

Work Room - Week 17

It's another "Open Topic" week.

Which means that you can literally write anything you have your heart set on writing.

I think that's the key right there - that your heart is actually in it.

Experimentation is always cool. But also keep in mind that, at this point, a lot of the stuff you are going to come up with - someone has done it before. Which means if you are going to go "out there", make sure that the quality of the work, and presentation, is up to snuff.

If it's not - well, you are probably going to hear about it from the voters. Whoever they might be any given week.

The quality, in general, has tended to be really high this season, and I have the feeling that it is going to continue to increase as the numbers dwindle.

But Open Topic tends to get under people's skin and throws them.

When you step back though, these should be your *very best* entries, because they are the most you. You aren't coming at an abstract idea or phrase and trying to make it yours - every single aspect is yours to explore and create.

Which, yes, that means that there is more pressure. Because it IS yours. It's you that you are putting out there.

The thing is - it always is.

Open Topic just means that the gloves are off, and let's see what you are going to do!

This is your Work Room, and space. I hope to use it, and each other, as the resources that you truly are.